i'm on a journey

and I'm assuming i'll know the destination when i get there

If I could invent my dream job in my perfect world, I think I'd be a personal and professional influencer. My passion is people -- their lives, their stories, their hearts and minds and futures. I get my fire from helping other people find their's. I basically just want to love people until they believe in themselves enough to go, love other people, and take control of their lives. 

My dream is for everyone in the world to understand how special, worthy, deserving, and capable they are.

How do I put that into something tangible? Well, I'm not really sure. But if I could sit and chat with people all day about what inspires them, moves them, scares them, and makes them feel at home, I would. And then I'd take that knowledge and love them really well. Is that a job? Can it be a job? 

I think I'll feel it when I get there.